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If you are interested in further studies. look at what we have availible


Cannabis 101

This is the perfect introduction Course to get the basics of the Cannabis Industry right the first time. This course was designed with those Cannabis enthusiasts that would like to get involved in the industry, but have no idea on what or where to start.


Cannabis 102 – Cannabis Advanced Certificate

In this course you will learn more about the advanced uses of Cannabis and the basics of Cannabis Horticulture.


Biochemics and the Study of Tissue Salts

Your complete guide to Tissue Salts and the Biochemics of the Human Economy. An introduction to the cellular therapy and practical application of the twelve tissue cell-salts in accordance with the Biochemic System of Medicine.


Modern Herbalist Course

In this online herbalist course you will learn about the foundation of herbs as an alternative to modern day medicine.

We take you through the horticulture of herbs and how to prepare them. If you are interested in learning how to use herbs to treat ailments and others this course is for you.


Cannabis 103 – Masters Certificate

This online cannabis cultivation training pushes you through a challenging and rewarding certification process where you’ll establish your industry knowledge and earn a certification that can go on your resume to attract job recruiters should you choose to work in a cannabis cultivation career or in any other job sector of the industry.


Advanced Herbalist Course

In this extremely informative study course with its encyclopedic nature of herbal preparations and basic health principals of natural healing, the student is fully prepared for their role as an Herbalist.


Understanding Swedish Bitters

In this course you will discover the extraordinary health benefits of Swedish Bitters "The Long Life Elixir".
From the history of how it all started through to real-life healing cases this course is a must for your natural healing journey.

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