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The twelve tissue salts

Their place and function in the human economy In order to obtain the most satisfactory results from Dr. Schuessler’s Biochemic System of Medicine, one should first of all become acquainted with the tissue salts individually. A knowledge of the properties and the field of action of each of these remedies will be found invaluable when …

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The history of tissue salts

Tissue salts are the vital building blocks in manufacturing and maintaining the dynamic equilibrium of the cells in the body. It forms the basis of blood, which contains all the material for all the tissues; from the capillary vessels, arteries and veins, to every tissue and organ, which supplies nutrients and oxygen to every part …

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Dr Schuessler’s Cellular Therapy

Biochemics and the Study of Tissue Salts An introduction to the cellular therapy and practical application of the twelve tissue cell-salts in accordance with the Biochemic System of Medicine   originated by Dr. W. H. Schuessler. This Handbook will give you insight into a unique system of natural healing. What benefit you derive from this will …

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