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This course has been written and designed to provide the student with skills in the field of Herbal Medicine. Here you will find the ancient art of Herbalism brought into the 21st Century. In this extremely informative study course with its encyclopedic nature of herbal preparations and basic health principals of natural healing, the student is fully prepared for their role as an Herbalist.

Through this extremely informative home study course, with its ‘encyclopaedic coverage’ of ‘herbal preparations’ and ‘basic health’ principals of natural healing, students will acquire an extensive knowledge and understanding of herbs and their uses in therapy treatments fully preparing them for a role as a Professional Herbalist. This course also aims to encourage everyone to take a broad and continuing interest in medicinal plants, understanding the issues surrounding their conservation and sustainability.

Students wishing to enrol for this course need to have completed and passed The Modern Herbalist Course.


With the interest in herbal medicine growing more people are turning to this form of therapy as an alternative to traditional (chemical based) drugs. This course will assist you in the search for information about the safe use of herbs and the course will demonstrate how to effectively apply that knowledge to the treatment of a multitude of disorders.

This course will show you the principles of herbal medications. You will learn about the fundamentals of the herbalist approach and get a clear view of conventional herbal medicines. The informative modules will help you familiarise yourself with the preparation process for herbal remedies.

You will learn all about being a herbalist and start to truly understand the significance of the different herbs as an all-natural way to help your body negotiate disease and illness. It will also take you through the history of herbal treatments and intrinsically understand the botany of healing plants.

As with any therapy, research is important, as, while the practice is ancient, there are always new discoveries being made, and the importance of keeping your knowledge of established, as well as new, practices up-to-date.

Phase Two of your journey will teach you the following in detail:

Herbal Formulary
Herbal History
Herbal Therapies
Basic Anatomy
Advanced Botany
Herbal Chemistry
Herbal Jurisprudence (Non-current subject)
Pharmacognosy I

Upon Completion:

It is intended that on completion of this course the student will:

Be able to recognise and identify the more common herbs used in modern treatments, both growing and dried.

Be able to classify plants according to their actions, e.g. as stimulants, astringents, and so forth, and to be able to relate the action of an individual herb to its indications in treatment.

Understand and appreciate the relative merits of whole plant preparations for application in holistic treatments.

Have developed reading and research skills so that he/she will be able to continue to learn more about the materia medica of herbs throughout their professional careers.

Course Expected Duration:

12 Months, online and self-paced